What am I doing here?

Written by Jeremy Stroup, MPT

I’ve been in practice as a PT for a while now. Inevitably one of the first questions I ask when I meet a new patient is “Why are you here for therapy today?”. Invariably, the patient will tell me the details of what ails them and off we go. Today though, I think I’ll address another important question which patients might ask me in return: “What brings you (the PT) to me (the patient)?” As a member of the medical community I think it’s important to know the true motivations of the person who treats you.

So here is a brief summary of why I chose to be a Physical Therapist.
Honestly, I always wanted to be involved in a profession that helps people – I have a bad habit of going to church – but that is not solely why I chose therapy. Unfortunately, many PT’s are frustrated former athletes. As you can imagine, somewhere along the line, many players suffer injuries that often sideline their aspirations completely. My situation was no different. By the time I was 18 I had a screw placed in both of my shoulders to help stabilize them. The years of substituting poor mechanics for lack of talent/skill had taken its toll. After waking up from the second procedure, I had a realization that I may never play competitive sports at my customary level. What’s worse, I’d now be getting my therapy while away at College. Scary stuff when you are young – and still dreaming!

Following a few weeks off, I began my formal rehab….and boy was I disappointed! My treatment consisted of nothing more than a 2 lb weight to “twirl” around and a cane to lift overhead. The lack of direction and fear left me in perpetual pain that drove me into a depression. No matter how I complained or tried to relate my discomfort, the guy I was working with didn’t “feel” what I was feeling and honestly didn’t even care. Right then and there I committed to myself that if I was ever blessed to become a PT, I would never forget the pain that I was in or the apathy which that therapist exuded. It is a commitment that still affects me today.

So how does my NEGATIVE experience lead to a POSITIVE one for you? While no results can ever be guaranteed, I can promise you that I will take both you and your situation seriously. If nothing else, I have been in your shoes. . . nervous, about your pending procedure? I’ve been there. . .Anxious for the pain to go away? I was too! Are you hopeful, you can find a PT who will care? I DO! Let me help you get back to the Best of Your Life.

Yours in Good Health,
Jeremy Stroup MPT, Clinic Director
ProCare Physical Therapy
3200 Fairway Drive, Altoona PA, 166602

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