It’s YOUR Choice

Written by Brent Brunner

Unless you have been sleepitng like Rip Van Winkle for many years. . .you are fully aware that healthcare has changed. Federal legislation, aquisiton of formerly stand alone local healtcare institutions by larger national companies, many fold increases in preimums, deductibles and co-pay amounts etc. As consumers many of us now have an insurance product that is many times more expensive than what we paid 10 years ago. In fact, I have heard healthcare providers compare recent coverage to what was merely considered catastropic coverage 10 yeears ago.(the insurance one could get for $50/month in case you were unexpectedly, seriously injured) It can all be overwheliming, shocking, and unsettling. So what solution is there? We must ALL insure that we are informed consumers of the healtcare services which are available to us. So what can we do to make sure that we get the best quality healthcare?

Here are a couple of suggesitons:
• Research and purchase the best insurance plan for you and your family- there are many options
• Know your benefits- Be aware of what you will need to pay when you receive services. Most, if not all providers will verify your insurance benefits for you BEFORE you receive services
• Choose a provider wisely- Now, more than ever, you will need the most value for your dollar. Make sure your provider communicates well about your plan of care and is able to meet your expectations. Demand that your provider give you the one on one attention you deserve
• Shop- Before receiving services from a medical provider, be aware of other potential providers. Make some calls, ask financial questions and visit a healthcare facility to ask questions
• Negotiate- Rather than go without needed services, you may be able to negotiate to receive a discount, financial assistance or a payment plan. If you neglect to get attention for an acute injury. . .it can become much more costly to address later, not to mention it will likely affect your life in the meantime
• Be COMPLIANT- Once you find a provider you trust, do exactly as you are instructed. After all, they WANT to work with you to help you feel better. . . that should be a common goal and YOU, as the patient/consumer should make sure that you are getting maximum benefit for your dollar

So, in this “new age” of healthcare delivery. You have many choices as a consumer. As with any decision to purchase product or reviece services, the best consumer is an informed consumer. When you need ancillary health services, like physical therapy, imaging (X-Ray, MRI), laboratory services (bloodwork), in home care or even hospice services the choice of which provider to choose is ALWAYS up to you. To be an informed consumer means you must perform due diligence! Call, visit, research ask a ton of questions of multiple providers then choose wisely. . . you are likely best to choose the proider who answers ALL of your questions to YOUR satisfaciton. Remembber the choice is YOURS!

I welcome additional thoughts or input! Feel free to contact me.

ProCare Physical Therapy is committed to providing the highest quality care while helping patients to return to essential activities of daily life and controlling costs. From pain and strain to sports medicine, orthopedic post-surgery rehabilitation to specialty programs in Women’s Health and Pediatric services via WE CARE Therapy Services, and Worker’s Comp, ProCare would welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family with therapy needs. As discussed above, ProCare welcomes all consumers of healthcare. We welcome those who will take time to research how ProCare is different and how we get patients “better faster”. If you need therapy and are researching options, we would be honored if you would walk into our closest clinic and speak to one of our clinic directors about the care you need and all of the financial aspects with which we may be able to help!

Brent Brunner
Regional Business Development Manager, Southern Region
ProCare Physical Therapy

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