Big Fish

While on vacation I got to check off something on my bucket list. Being an avid fisher “woman”, Ernest Hemingway fan, and lover of the salty sea, my goal was to land a huge fish. Needless to say after a battle, I got to go swimming with my trophy, a 300-350lb Goliath Grouper After, releasing my fish back to the Gulf of Mexico and heading back to shore I couldn’t help, but think “ Dang, I really don’t want my vacation to be over.” Then my next thought was, “Ugh… I don’t want to go back to work yet.” Well, the time finally came as I strode through the door at my clinic, where I work as a Physical Therapist. I was dreading that not only was I no longer laying on the beach, but that it was Monday, and I was back in Pennsylvania. Patients began filtering in and out and the week continued as it normally would. Everyone said they missed me and asked me about my vacation. That’s when something funny happened. I received a handmade card. The front read “Congrats on Your Big Fish.” It was dropped off by a patient. I realized in that moment that not only was I invested in developing a relationship with my patients and guiding them through rehab, to achieve their goals and return to their normal function, but my patients were also cheering me on as I accomplished my fishing aspirations. I felt completely blessed. I sat at my desk, my vacation withdraw completely washed away and all I could think was … This is why I love my job.

Jacy Walker
Clinic Director
ProCare Physical Therapy
850 Main Street Suite 4
Coalport, PA 16627

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